Softscaping and Gardens Services in Etowah, NC

Softscaping and garden installation in Asheville and Buncombe County NC

Add layers of dynamic texture and depth to any outdoor space with softscaping services from Laughter Family Hardscapes Softscapes. Sometimes known as gardening or greenscaping, softscaping relies on plantlife and greenery to create beautiful architectural landscapes. These softscapes are like living sculptures, which grow and change over the years, becoming a living, breathing part of your outdoor lifestyle.

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If your outdoor space includes a path, pavers, or walkway, the last thing you want is to spoil the scenery with a fence, chain, or other artificial barrier. Instead, many homeowners opt for softscape boundaries utilizing bushes, shrubs, small trees, and other greeneries to create a defined pathway through the landscape. With just a few well-placed plants from a variety of phylums, a simple hardscape installation can take on beauty and depth, without bringing out the heavy machinery.

Floral Installations

For centuries, artists have used flowers and floral depictions to signify beauty, peace, and tranquility. Floral installations are a wonderful way to introduce POPS! of color into an outdoor space. Because of the wide variety of plant life supported by Western North Carolina’s subtropical climate, floral installations in Asheville can include many rare and unusual tropical species, including Orchids, Jacaranda, Lilies, and Birds of Paradise.

Privacy Barriers

A properly designed outdoor space should feel inviting, open, and welcoming, not confined and fenced-off. So leave the chainlinks and wrought iron fences where they belong and go for something green, without sacrificing your privacy and personal space. Topiary fencing and barrier plants can define a greenspace–without making it feel confined or restricted. Our goal is to create a space that feels private but remains open, airy, and above all, beautiful.


All Ground Covered

Eco Friendly

All of our products are green, eco-friendly, and with the smallest possible carbon footprint.


Honesty and integrity are core values for the Laughter Family Hardscapes team, at work and at home.


We ensure that every outdoor space we work on is sustainable for both the environment, and for long-term maintenance.


From the ground up, we always use the highest quality materials and responsible, professional solutions.


Safe products and practices are a must for the protection of our customers and our crew.

Clean & Tidy

Whether you select landscaping, softscaping, hardscaping, or masonry, we promise a clean, tidy yard once we’ve completed the project.

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