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Born and Raised in WNC

Laughter (pronounced Law-ter) Family Hardscapes is a LOCAL, family-owned business based in Asheville and serving all of Buncombe County and Western North Carolina. We are devoted to providing our clients with superior hardscaping services. We go the extra mile to guarantee that our customers have a great experience with our business every step of the way. With our knowledge and skills in masonry and hardscaping, we can make all of your backyard dreams come true!

Justin Laughter


Justin Laughter grew up in a landscaping family. After years of perfecting the craft of lawn and garden maintenance, he began experimenting with stone installations, putting in paver stones and simple walkways. What started as a side project quickly became a passion, and soon Laughter realized that he could turn his new hobby into a fully fledged business. Today, Laughter Family Hardscapes is a full-service hardscaping and masonry business, serving customers in Asheville, Arden, and all over greater Buncombe County. Justin Laughter continues to perfect and grow in his craft, mastering the subtle (and not so subtle) differences in materials, flora, stone, and masonry techniques.

“I never thought I’d be able to do something so cool, something that I love, for a living. And I really do love what I do. Nothing makes me happier than putting together that perfect combination of grass, wood, rock, and stone. Making a customer’s vision into a reality, and the look on their face when it all comes together. Knowing that families will be enjoying what we did for them, not just for years, but for generations. It’s my legacy. Our legacy. That’s what makes me happy.”

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We build environments that are better for the environment

Beauty doesn’t come in a box.

At Laughter Family Hardscapes everything we do is 100% hand built by master hardscapers and stone masons. We create beautiful backyard installations using as much natural material as possible. Our installations are built to stand the test of time, becoming a part of their surroundings and Western North Carolina. We don’t use plastic or corrosive materials that can leach into the soil and injure nearby plant and animal life. We don’t use invasive plants that can unbalance the local ecosystem. And for our paver installations, we don’t use chemicals to prevent weeds. When we install paver stones like the ones shown here, we use an ancient, time-honored build technique that prevents weeds naturally, without the need for harsh chemicals. 

Why do we do it this way? Because at Laughter Family Hardscapes, we believe that beauty doesn’t come in a box. Beauty comes from understanding and appreciating the environment and the world around us, and incorporating natural elements in responsible, eco-friendly ways. We work hard to make sure we’re working in harmony with Mother Nature, not against her. That’s why every Laughter Family installation is built with care and responsibility and respect for the environment. 

“It might cost us a little extra time, effort, and materials to work with Mother Nature, but it could cost us everything if we work against her.”
— Justin Laughter, Laughter Family Hardscapes

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