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Asheville’s Top-Rated Hardscaping Company

Laughter Family Hardscapes is a five-star, local, family-owned business. We are proud WNC natives, born and raised right here in Asheville NC.

Our mission is to provide residents of Asheville, Arden, and greater Buncombe County with dependable, environmentally-conscious hardscaping services. From driveways to fire pits, retaining walls to topiary installations and everything in between.


We Are Designers Who Build

If you’re unsure about how to bring your dream backyard to life, we can help! The Laughter Family specializes in hardscape design, and we have decades of experience bringing our customers’ visions to life. Schedule a consultation and sit down with our design team.

Using your ideas, our design team will develop a cohesive, realistic, step-by-step plan to renew your existing outdoor space–or create something totally new from scratch. But no matter what the plan is, the Laughter Family team will bring your designs to life with our experienced crew.


We didn’t get the name Laughter Family Hardscapes by accident. We earned it through years of installing Asheville’s best paver patios, stone walkways, and other granite, marble, and stone outdoor installations.

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Dream of a perfect outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or retaining wall? Choose LFH’s masonry for custom, durable installations by expert designers and master stonemasons, crafted to last and enhance your outdoor living space.

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Landscaping is the heart and soul of any outdoor project. Using sod, mulch, and time honored techniques, the LFH landscape design team creates the perfect backdrop for your outdoor life.

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Landscape Design

Laughter Family Hardscapes makes yard care easy. From 2D/3D landscape designs to regular upkeep, our pros ensure a pristine and stylish outdoor area.

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Some of our work

We build environments that are better for the environment

Beauty doesn’t come in a box.

At Laughter Family Hardscapes everything we do is 100% hand built by master hardscapers and stone masons. We create beautiful backyard installations using as much natural material as possible. Our installations are built to stand the test of time, becoming a part of their surroundings and Western North Carolina. We don’t use plastic or corrosive materials that can leach into the soil and injure nearby plant and animal life. We don’t use invasive plants that can unbalance the local ecosystem. And for our paver installations, we don’t use chemicals to prevent weeds. When we install paver stones like the ones shown here, we use an ancient, time-honored build technique that prevents weeds naturally, without the need for harsh chemicals. 

Why do we do it this way? Because at Laughter Family Hardscapes, we believe that beauty doesn’t come in a box. Beauty comes from understanding and appreciating the environment and the world around us, and incorporating natural elements in responsible, eco-friendly ways. We work hard to make sure we’re working in harmony with Mother Nature, not against her. That’s why every Laughter Family installation is built with care and responsibility and respect for the environment. 

“It might cost us a little extra time, effort, and materials to work with Mother Nature, but it could cost us everything if we work against her.”
— Justin Laughter, Laughter Family Hardscapes

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