Landscape Design Services in Etowah, NC

Landscape Design Services in Asheville NC

Yard and lawn care are seamless with Laughter Family Hardscapes. We can take care of your property’s landscaping, starting with landscape design and finishing with regular landscaping maintenance. With our team of professionals, making your outdoor area appear tidy and polished is simple.

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Comprehensive 2D CAD Designs

 Our 2D CAD designs serve as the foundational blueprint of your project. They provide a detailed and accurate layout of the proposed landscape, ensuring every aspect of your vision is captured with precision.

3D Landscape Modeling

Our 3D renderings take you on a virtual tour of your future landscape. These full-color, realistic visuals allow you to see the potential of your space, down to the smallest detail, before a single stone is laid.


Landscape Alterations

You may love your overall landscape but feel like it’s still missing something. We can help by installing mulch, planting new plants to fill in gaps, and more! Whatever adjustments you’d like to make to your backyard or front lawn, we are ready to assist you!


Design-First Approach: Avoiding Pitfalls, Ensuring Perfection

Our design-first philosophy is central to avoiding change orders and miscommunications. By thoroughly understanding your wants and vision, we ensure the final product aligns perfectly with your expectations. This method allows us to:
  • Precisely plan the layout and color scheme.
  • Strategically place elements like plants and trees for optimal aesthetic and functionality.
  • Present our vision of how the space can be utilized most effectively.
The Power of Pre-visualization Falling in Love with Your Landscape Before It’s Built: Our designs often become the love-at-first-sight moment for our clients. They allow you to:
  • Experience the envisioned space before construction begins.
  • Make informed decisions, seeing what works and what doesn’t in the proposed design.
  • Be an integral part of the design process, ensuring your voice and ideas are always heard.

The Laughter Promise

At Laughter Family Hardscapes, we believe that a clear, structured process from the outset leads to extraordinary outcomes, and our process-oriented approach ensures this.

Consistent communication and collaboration with you as an integral part of our team.

Efficient project management, minimizing delays and unexpected challenges.

Client satisfaction at every step, delivering on our promise of excellence.

Let’s start this journey together and turn your vision into a breathtaking reality. Contact us at Laughter Family Hardscapes today and take the first step towards a landscape that is not just seen but felt.

All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly

All of our products that we use are Eco Friendly and good for the environment.


Honesty and integrity are core values for our hardscaping business.


We can maintain your landscape for years to come.


From the ground up, we will use quality materials and professional solutions.


Safe products and practices are what we guarantee.

Clean & Tidy

Whether you select landscaping, hardscaping, or masonry, we promise to leave you with a clean, tidy yard once we’ve completed the project.

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